I was born in Madrid, Spain, 
but soon enough I started traveling
 the world at the age of 13. 
Like this, I have been to more than 35 countries,
and I have lived for extended periods
 of time in many of them.

My ordeal began from the moment I graduated
in Political Sciences and Educational Psychology. 
After that, I spent many years studying different 
cultures and religions around the world. 

Fruit of the love I profess for Asian civilizations 
and Buddhism, I traveled to India, Thailand, Indonesia, 
and Cambodia. 
Furthermore, I lived in Amsterdam for over a year 
in an Artist Community under  Shiva's flag.
It was right there when I was instructed 
by iconic masters in different fields and,
I initiated my disciplines in Indian Reiki and Japanese Butoh.

I consider that dancing and performing 
have always been the source of my personal 
growth and inspiration. 
As far as I am concerned, 
they are essential for mental and physical health.

In 2010 I decided to move to Los Angeles 
(best decision I've ever made) and, 
from that moment yoga became my strength, 
my profession, my friend, my ally. My life. 

I trained myself as a professional yoga instructor, 
using meditation, martial arts, movement
and light work as the basis of my practice and my personal methods.

I strongly believe in the infinite possibilities 
that movement techniques, yoga, dancing, arts, 
and meditation have to offer when it comes 
to healing both body and mind.