#social media fast experiment and lucid dreaming

2:09:00 AM

How do you feel when you take a vacation from work?
No boss, no co-workers, no schedule, no commitments,
no alarms, no answering to emails, phone calls…
I know most of you are your own bosses
but still have many responsibilities to take care of every day.

My decision to be off the grid was based on the necessity
to focus on my time aka productivity aka projects and
don’t be influenced by algorithms from the outside,
from the publicity that I get on my emails accounts,
Facebook page, Instagram, etc;
I wanted to listen to the silence and from there
create my own thoughts 
without the interference of the quote of the day 
or the new spot in LA to have brunch….NOOO !! 

My first day I was on a complete anxiety
when I wrote down in my notebook 
the time and the day that I decided to start, literally, 
I even wrote down the time with minutes 2/26 at 8:18 pm
… wait, what? 
When I caught  myself doing this I started laughing,
Felt as if I was gonna be looking at the time
on a week  to exactly at 8:18 pm 
download again all the apps on my phone.

I woke up the next day with an intense sense of presence, 
excited to go to one of my favorite yoga classes
with  Vinnie Marino
when I park my car at the yoga studio
 I realized that I didn’t have my phone with me, 
again I started laughing,
It is great to tap into happiness by laughing 
(highly recommended, as much as you can! ).

That day I started reading two books,
made a business plan for a project,
wrote on my blog,
and slept 10 hours straight at night
while working on my lucid dreaming.

There is a space between us and the Gods
that sometimes is empty,
a time where we are invited to be the Gods 
that we worship, those moments are the moments
when we feel sad or alone, 
when the sorrow is so intense 
that we wanna tear the chest 
and take our hearts out to stop feeling the pain, 
those moments are meant to be
for transformation, to create and grow.

In ancient Greece 
the God of Healing was Asclepius, 
also credited with powers of prophecy.

Asclepius used Sleep Temples 
as hospitals of sorts,
healing a variety of ailments,
many of them psychological in nature.

The treatment involved chanting,
placing the patient into a trance-like 
or hypnotic state, and analyzing their dreams
 in order to determine treatment.
Meditation, fasting, baths, 
and sacrifices to the patron deity
or other spirits, were often involved as well. 

This sleep temples where use for incubation:
 a dream therapy in which while dreaming
 the patient will get directions from Asclepius
on the necessary steps were to treat their ailments,
in the case of no presence of Asclepius during 
the dream the dreams 
will be interpreted by one of his priests.

One of the procedures 
before being considered treated in the Asclepeion
(sleep temple) was the catharsis or purification stage,
in which the  patient undergoes
a clean diet over a series of days 
or purging their emotions through art, 
offers to the temple and,
prays that create a more positive outlook for them.  

The use of dreaming for healing 
has been an extensive and old practice 
that our society has been forgetting 
throughout the years; but what kind /quality 
of dreams can we have when we use social media,
tv, movies, violent documentaries as sleep inducers? 

The possibility of deepening
on my lucid dreaming practice
while doing this fasting.
has given me the opportunity
of seeing really fast results.

Inducing my dreams 
with delta and theta waves music for sleeping,
both an incredible technique 
to produce melatonin,
and scientific probed that Delta Waves 
allows the person to care more and,
empathize with people, 
generally leading to being more receptive
to their problems and being more willing and,
fulfilled to help them.

Included in this is an increase in one’s intuition, 
which in scientific terms is the body’s 
the natural response to certain events or activities.

Intuitions allow the person to tap
into the body’s natural capabilities 
and the mind’s expectations,
that allows for better decision making 
when it comes to intuition.

Lucid dreaming gives you the opportunity 
to drive your experiences
in the dream of healing and,
personal development.

One of the first aspects 
I have been working on my dreams has been
how to react to certain circumstances,
putting my self in the dream in that situation
I can consciously decide
how I want to react when awake:
being calm, not react, smarter decisions.
And even most important,
it helps to stop projecting in others 
what doesn’t exist,
when you can be objective without 
the radical emotions of the human
body and time.

My fourth and fifth days were 
an immense bliss, 
adding a progressive detox plan 
for the Spring Equinox:
no alcohol, more greens, green supplements, 
probiotics, gradually reduction of any animal
products and negativity aka drama.

Dancing, hiking, meditation, journaling
have being part of the support system 
to count with.

It was day 11, not 7 as I planned
when I downloaded my social media
back to my phone,
I did not even realize it when the day passed, 
I was happy and present,
I did not want to reconnect myself to the web...
It felt like coming back to work 
after a sweet vacation, 
no more intimacy, no more quality time, 
no more cuddling
and long conversations over meals,
no more sunsets and laugh….

Back to the emptiness of looking 
for recognition with likes and emojis.

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