1:30:00 PM

One correction of movement brings
you to the continuity of your pilgrimage, 
your constant wonder to the magical opened space
created in the vortex of manifestations.

At the spontaneous question of :
which is your next dream trip?

Being completely immersed in the dance,
ecstatic absorption of fantasy draw 
by a tumultuous 
and sensual exchange of creativity.

It did not take me even a couple of seconds to respond: 
Atitlán Lake, Guatemala,
that's my next dream trip!!

The dance kept going, intense beats per minute,
acrobatics and trust; 
when the music stopped 
and we were in a circle of gratitude and announcements,
the Gods Spoken: 

An ecstatic dance   retreat in Guatemala,
Atitlán Lake with the international community…
the door was opened to a new adventure across borders.
Every second after the decision of joining the adventure
has been a continuous receiving and giving 
of unconditional love, deep deep entourage with myself.

A Couple of weeks before I was jumping to the Redwoods 
a spaceship of non-attachment and joy.

The pure joy of being, 
pure joy for sharing passions and love,
pure joy for finding a home.

When you open a door and put your energy into it,
you feed the vortex inside it that made you open it,
you have to let go, 
you have to embrace what will have to come
without losing your anchor,
reentering every morning into the flame 
that stays in your heart
but allowing the laugh of the neighbor 
to brighten your day,
the pain of your roommate to be your pain 
and be always ready to help and listen.

Do not be afraid to laugh, 
so loud that your chicks turn red and,
your eyes cry with joy. 

I give myself the pleasure to write, 
where El Camino,
or better said  where the choice of wonder,
took me and,
the clues that synchronicity left for me on the mountains.


When I arrived at the   Eagles Retreat  in Atitlán,
our home for the week,
I couldn't be more fascinated by the beauty of the location,
it is literally one of the most beautiful planets of this galaxy.

I considered myself a well-traveled person
and when I contemplated  the lake from the Dj's
the platform on top of the Dance Floor,
I was immersed in a dreams land,
I turned to the person next to me 
and told him:
I wish I live here .- to what he responded: I hope you do.

That night I found out he was Greg Clough, 
the visionary behind the Eagle's Nest.

I kept wandering around the hill, 
exploring the subtle relationship
between the environment and,
 the consciousness of the space,
when I saw a Santiago Cross 
on one of the stones sink looking to the lake,
one of the symbols of the Pilgrims in El Camino.
My mind was completely blown away,
I asked myself why a Santiago Cross in Guatemala, 
but I smiled, filling my heart with an intense sense of home.

This place is Beyond everything you can imagine….
so so pretty, so so magic, 
the mountains are the knowledge of the lake
and the lake is the reflection of the skies.

The condors surveillance your dreams, 
your dance, your yoga, your meditation,
you are stargazing shootings stars in the sky
while the volcanos are painting the darkness
of the night with lava silhouettes 
of a magnificent vibrant fire; 
being invited by the most astonishing 
views of the lake whose depths 
embraces a lost village with pyramids and,
all kind of legends, 
combining clouds with the pure green of the mountains
in a luxurious spectacle of paradise, 
Daily Mayan Gods of light, breeze, 
the colors of the sky, animals, and nature.

That night I learned the reason of the Santiago Cross, 
and not only that but the shape 
of the pilgrim's shell of the dance floor,
open looking at the villages
across the lake called Santiago!

Greg did El Camino and as a pilgrim
it is one of his inspirations to build
the concept of the Eagle's Nest
together with the nurturing and symbolic Little Prince,
if you take the time to observe you will see the scenery that
inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in his book,
and how our experience at the retreat, 
what we shared, what we learned,
the emotions and the expression of them,
what came up through the dance and how we deal with,
it is a pure representation of one and,
each of the characters of the book.

The Fox teaches the Little Prince the importance of rituals
and ceremonies outside the strict world of grown-ups;
we had fire ceremonies, cacao ceremonies, 
wedding ceremonies...

The Rose represents the unconditional love,
love that comes from investing in other people,
and the teaching that the most important in life is invisible.

The Snake that feeds his soul with others fears and represents
danger and risk, but in an act of love and faith,
Little Prince has to trust
him to go back home with his Rose.

The Narrator indicates that lessons 
must be learned through personal
exploration and,
not only from books and other teachings.

The Little Prince is a pure and innocent traveler, 
he can see what adults don't,
he brings back childhoods memories 
into the Narrator's mind and teaches him
to be yourself even though no one is listening to you and,
to fight for what you love.

After years traveling the world,
following his passion for Acro Yoga and Dance,
Creg Clough found this land 4 years ago
 and started designing what for him will be the home
for the Circus, Yoga, and Movement world community.

My spirit will be always grateful for the incredible experience,
the opportunity to share such a magical space with super talented
and bright souls, the self- transformation result of our play, 
dance, and interaction 


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  1. I love this so, so much. My favorite part is this:

    I give myself the pleasure to write, where El Camino,
    or better said where the choice of wander,
    took me and the clues that synchronicity left for me on the mountains.

    One of my favorite parts of being on a journey is finding the clues along the way. I feel like they are little fist bumps from the universe. When I loose a little bit of sweetness, or my ego takes over, those clues say, "Hey, gotchu..."

    Thank you for sharing!