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“ Ask the wild bee what the druid knows “, 
this old says holds words of the most ancient mysteries.

Druids, bees, and trees formed and old relationship, 
based on the wisdom of each other symbiosis
and cooperation.
Bees pollinate trees, and trees feed and house bees.
Druids interpret, protect and nurture both trees and bees
as sources of health, wealth, wisdom, 
and access to the faerie world.
In Celtic society, bees were thought to have secret knowledge, 
and transmit communications between ours and the otherworld.
We found the Goddess Bee already
in the Spanish Neolithic 5.000 BC,
who was depicted as a dancing Goddess,
probably because the Bee is the only insect 
that communicates through dance.

Honey Hunting in Spain – approximately 13,000 BC

"Bees are a highly organized matriarchal culture. 
They may travel miles to collect their riches 
(pollen and nectar), 
which are shared with the entire hive;
and they recognize no human boundaries.
There are scout bees that search for sources of food
 and return to communicate
what they’ve found to others through dance-like movement.
The health of the Queen is paramount and,
her condition is broadcast 
to the entire hive through pheromones. 
If anything in the hive becomes unsatisfactory 
– like crowding or an ailing queen –
the workers feed some larvae “royal jelly” 
to make a few new queens. 
The first queen out of her cell finds and
kills the others, and then leaves with half the hive
to establish her own colony. " 

The Bee Queen is the symbol of the Sacred Feminine, 
the divine rights subjugated by the Patriarch religion
to keep you/us from meeting your higher self.

We see some parallels here with old Celtic society, 
where the health and uprightness of the ruler meant 
a good relationship with the Goddess of the Land which,
in turn, brought prosperity to the tribe.

Not only men but also women were rulers,
warriors, and workers,
and the male ruler’s authority derived 
from the Goddess of the Land.

An unfit ruler,
who lost her or his connection to the fertility of the land
could be dethroned and, a new one selected. 
Rulers were, above all, servants to the relationship
between the people and the Spirit of the Land.

The queen, for the most part, 
is the unifying force in the community.

The Feminine is the Spirit and her attributes are
forgiveness, creative energy, an abundance of love.

In Ancient Egypt, we found the Goddess Maat, 
she represents the underworld and,
the star of the Gods, 
representing the laws of nature.
Her symbol is a feather to weight the heart when you die, 
but for the Egyptians, you die twice:
when you are born and when the person
enters the wake- up process of knowing the true Self;
if the heart weight less or equal than the feather
 you are ready to transcend,
if weights more you are not ready for your new life. 

Imagination is the knowledge of the heart: 
harmony and purity;
when you enter the underworld of the subconscious 
Maat is there. 

Maat's spirit is the spirit of creation.

Together with the Goddess Heka,
as the force that allows the operational function of life 
and founds expression in the heart and the tongue;
they were in the world before duality  therefore
the entire values of the Egypt civilization were built upon them:
nature and magic.

The Greek word for ‘fate’, ‘death’ and 
‘Goddess of death’ is e ker (feminine); 
the word for ’heart’ and ‘breast’ is to ker (neuter); 
while the word for ‘honeycomb’ is to kerion (neuter). 
The common root ker links the ideas of the honeycomb, 
Goddess, death, fate and the human heart, 
a nexus of meanings that is illumined 
if we know that the Goddess was once imagined as a bee.

When pagan religions started to be repressed and condemned, 
the central importance of the sacred feminine 
in society was taken away
and with it the connection with Mother Earth and our inner self.

The eternal quest of the Holy Grail symbolized 
the pagan way to try to keep the feminine alive, 
and for thus the Grail Castle is the archetypal concept
of  the unconscious, a timeless dimension;
The Grail gives us an emotional readiness to receive, 
as the feminine is represented by the uterus=fertility
as a container of knowledge and creation.

When the magical powers obtained 
for those who find the Holy Grail
are happiness, eternal youth,
and sustenance in infinite abundance. 

The Self ( Grail) asks us a question for us unique
to our personal destiny or daemon.

It is the call to start the Hero’s Journey,
the moment you enter the wake-up process.

In the story of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, 
the King kills his son and returns his 
sword ( Excalibur ) to the lady of the lake ( MAAT)
surrounding his power and authority,
while his counselor Merlin perishes from his own magic
used against  him by a woman, 
Percival is in the quest for the Holy Grail
and when he finds it decides not to return
but stays at the Grail Castle.

One wonders though what JK Rowling was thinking 
when she named the Headmaster of Hogwarts, Dumbledore.
Dumbledore is an old English name for a bumblebee.

The Sacred Feminine Era is now, 
in a World that is finally ripe to support 
the Way of Love.

The Sacred Feminine returns to take 
her rightful place alongside the healed masculine,
at the center of the Great Shift is the Womb- 
the seed center and Bindu point 
of all the ancient spiritual traditions,
forgotten and covered by a mist of time :

Hidden inside the awakened womb is the jewel :

“ Om Mani Padme Hum “ .- 
Hail to the jewel in the lotus, 
the jewel of the womb. 

Magic is upon us.

Let's all be Spirit Keepers of the Womb 

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  1. Love the meditations and imagery. Thanks for posting! Have you listened Layne Redmond? She used drums to communicate with bees.