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When I started writing this post about Permaculture 
never imagined that  Gurdjieff was gonna cross my research 
bringing movement, mathematics, and sounds to the creation 
of a specific system or body, “the astral body”.
It is being two months and I could continue researching
and making this post longer but it is time to let it go, 
and start new things, It has served as a big purpose.

We have been hearing and probably even working
with the concept of permaculture in the past years, 
It has been considered the most environmental
responsible way to create any kind of garden, 
farming or crop-based in ecosystems 
by a “permanent culture”, being this permanent culture
a social reading of the agriculture.

Permaculture as an inspiration for the better 
use of the elements around us,
not only air, food, and water but also 
the use of specific energies/ frequencies
that will nourish the soil for a stronger and,
more productive crop.

What type of energies should be combined 
in order to flourish a certain type of idea or community,
considering that both of them have a matter? 
what is the density of this matter?
and how can we increase its volume and mass? 

My experience of years growing has given me 
so much feedback from my plants 
as a whole community, where clones 
of the same mother plant recognize each other and,
will mutate together to preserve themselves 
against other invasive weed, 
this mutation is based on intelligence,
sometimes by growing deeper or thicker roots,
sometimes by stretching and getting more access to light 
and others even developing the extra amount of leaves.
Not only that, plants will grow happier and stronger
if the mother plant is close to them, 
same as the Queen and its hive, 
a strong Queen guaranties the health and,
productivity of the hive. 
Gurdjieff  uses the concept of crystallization
as a transformation,
while still alive in the physical body 
a man crystalizes enough higher matter to 
form an astral body, vessel for the soul.

Scientifically speaking, 
crystallization is a transformation,
it entails the changing of the form of an element
from one state to another.
Like the transformation of water vapor into ice,
the struggle between “no” and “yes” in man,
enacted on the proper foundation,
could lead to such crystallization, 
after which the nature of struggle would be altogether altered.

The more we dance the higher is the frequency we create,
through movement, we open and design certain algorithms 
that modify how we understand time-space on a regular basis.

What is the density of that frequency?
Logic will speak directly to us if we 
think about water or a rock,
the density of the water is less than the rock.

Gurdjieff as one of the greatest 
movement teacher in our century,
gave us the tools to connect the more ancient 
sacred dance technics of Sufism/Derviches 
with modern/contemporary dance.

He traveled for years in East Asia,
letting himself immerse for extended periods of time 
in lost Monasteries in India and Siberia,
learning from  Altai Shamanism, occultism and mystery schools,
together with the primitive Christians.  

Permaculture principles are familiar to all of us:

How do we integrate them into our daily lives,
it is how the environment creates and modulates our DNA,
and where are the keys to modify our universal map, 
recognizing this keys to transform the environment,
be part of the construction of our reality not just a spectator of it.
“Many psychic processes can take place only in the dark. 
Even a feeble light of consciousness is enough to change
completely the character of a process, 
while it makes many of them altogether impossible.” 
– George Gurdjieff

The moments of sorrow when we do not see the light,
the complete desperation, and solitude
are part of the creation between worlds,
are the space Gods give us to be our own Gods.
Only in the darkness can be seen the light and
only the shadow can invite the light to uplift our souls,
plants can change their sex
if they don't have the right amount of light.

One of the central strands in Gurdjieff’s belief-system 
interconnected with permaculture in its more pure principle  
was the  World-creation and World-maintenance, 
which he said was derived from
 “an old Sumerian manuscript”
discovered by a great Kurdish philosopher.
The doctrine can be summed up very simply:

 “Everything that exists maintains and 
is maintained by other existences.” 

Peculiar to Sufism and appearing in no other religion,
it states that the whole of the universe
is a web of mutually supporting systems,
“apparatuses for transforming energy,”
each one of which produces the means 
of sustenance for others.
This law of reciprocal maintenance governs all of life 
and applies to man as well as in his relation 
to Mother Nature.
The world is not made for man, as we have been taught;
both are made for each other. 
Man’s destiny and,
the destiny of the earth are interdependent. 
The evolution of the one depends on the evolution of the other,
the survival of one on the survival of the other. 
Man is not separate from the cosmic process; 
he is himself part of the ecosystem he observes out there,
and he must serve the evolution of the world as well as his own.

The Earth is a living, breathing entity.

A need for reflection, mirroring, 
a meditation on the other smile,
cry, excitement, a meditation on the sensuality of the group.
Meditation on the belief of ourselves as a transformative 
experience of what is around us.
To feed a support system 
where love and light become the language.

Then, the watching is not limited to the body, 
but expands to the room,
the other participants, the music and sounds…
Distance with thoughts and emotions is created. 

Stillness is experienced at the core of all movements, 
inaction behind action…

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