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Leaving in Los Angeles, 
sporadic trips to Joshua Tree
is a normal thing to do,
many retreats are held in the desert, 
festivals and any kind of spiritual inspiration
for artists is founded here.

My last visit to Joshua Tree was a completely
different experience
to anyone before,
my friend Anastasia Wasko had the amazing idea 
to book a sound bath session at the Integraton, 
a tourist attraction designed 
by the Ufologist and Contactee George Van Tassel, 
who claimed that the Integraton was capable 
of rejuvenation, anti-gravity and time travel.

The road trip to get there is a sequence 
of dusty roads and cactuses,
the immense blue sky and the incredible sense 
of being in a different Planet, Venus?

“ According to Van Tassel, 
the Integratron's workings rely on
the generation of strong 
"intermittent magnetic fields" 
resulting in the generation of plasma in the form of
corona discharge
and negative air ionization inside the building. 
The Integratron is based 
on the Multiple Wave Oscillator
invented by George Lakovhsky
The Multiple Wave Oscillator
is a combination of a high Voltage Tesla coil 
and a Splirt-ring resonator that generates
ultra wideband electromagnetic frequencies. 
Van Tassel speculated that electromagnetism
affects biological cells, 
and believed that every biological cell has a
unique resonant electromagnetic frequency. 
According to Van Tassel,
the generation of strong ultra wideband 
EMF by the Integratron
"resonates" with the cell's frequency and "recharges"
the cellular structure as if it were an electrical battery. 
Van Tassel claimed that human cells "rejuvenated" while inside the structure.
Van Tassel also claimed, the Integratron is intentionally
constructed atop a powerful geomagnetic anomaly
and its construction is entirely of non- ferromagnetic materials, 
the equivalent to a modern radome“ Wikipedia.

True experience is, 
that after 10 minutes immersed in the sound bath,
going over all kind of thoughts and worries, 
my brain just took off,
and for more than an hour,
went directly to the vortex/source,
I do not remember anything, 
time passed as if was 1 minute.

Void, sweet emptiness, recognition, 
faith, peace, love, Earth, 
I am enough, I am successful, 
I am loved, I am unique,
I am one with the Universe.

These are the feelings I brought back from the light,
information that is lost and needs to be retrieved,
a knowledge that is in our DNA
but has been manipulated through
generations by the patriarch language, to create fear.

If the Knowledge of the Universe is not on us, 
how can the Universe recognize us? 

As the animal Kingdom and nature, 
love frequency has no duality.

Downloading all this information 
comes naturally in such a sacred surrounding,
working with the elements of fire, 
Mother earth, and the connexion across time
given by the sunset and sunrise of the dessert. 

                     Agni Otra Sunrise Ceremony facilitated by Anastasia Wasko

From Mother Gaia comes our strength and 
only by being one with her
we can find peace in our hearts.

Very clear and intense codes 
are in the DNA of the rocks,
that is why is said Lemurians 
printed their codes on the crystal rocks,
and there are certain keys to read them.

Joshua Tree is a portal of Venus, 
only through love and peace, the portal will
show us where the elements are hidden 
to guide the human race in this time of awakening.

We wanted to listen more what the Land wanted to teach us,
so we were invited to take a night walk
inside the park on the New Moon....

Oneness with the infinite and
the knowledge of the stars :

Why our brain trace a line between stars 
that allows us to see
the constellations as if were drawn in the sky, 
it is a visual illusion.

Same happens with the inner light 
of high-frequency individuals,
the brightness will trace an illusionary line 
but energetically consistent,
creating the patterns of the sacred symbols,
charging the Earth, giving back what it has been taken.

The lines get activated by the keys
of love and peace in our hearts.

It is our sacred service to the human race and,
the planet to maintain a  clear high frequency.  

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